Alumnae Pearl Program

The 5 C’s of Alumnae Engagement

Character, Civic, Cultural, Connections & Career

Just as the collegiate sisterhood experience and programs are rooted in our values, with the 5 S’s – self, service, social, sisterhood, and scholarship, the Alumnae Association and membership experiences are equally rooted to our vales through the 5 C’s. These 5 core areas better align with alumnae membership and what you’re looking to develop in yourself as a professional and more mature sister.

The value-added enhancement of the 5 C’s allows Associations, like ours, to offer our alumnae sisters an experience that is relevant to the needs and wants of their ever-changing lifestyles. The 5 C’s are the basis for all of the events we plan each month to enhance our well-rounded members’ lives, and Washington, DC affords countless opportunities and activities for engagement.


DPhiE PearlsThe Character “C” provides alumnae with a focus on continuous personal development. Whether she wants to equip herself with a better understanding of her personal finances, purchase her first home, enhance her parenting skills, or effectively plan for her retirement, the Character PEARL is relevant to her. Examples of Character PEARLs include: an online personal finance boot-camp, researching the home buying process, attending a parents meet-up, cooking classes, fitness classes, or participating in our book club.


Civic engagement offers alumnae a continued focus on community service that can include family, friends, colleagues and community members. It also encompasses philanthropic giving and civic involvement in her community. Examples of Civic PEARLs include: attending Grand Chapter at Convention as an official alumnae association delegate, voting for public officials, donating to the Delta Phi Epsilon Education Foundation and paying annual alumnae dues, volunteering her time and talents in her local community, and participating in or donating to DC Alumnae Association philanthropic events.


The Cultural “C” allows alumnae to engage in new or favorite hobbies and other shared interests. Perhaps a sister wants to plant her first garden; she could connect with another alumna who is an experienced green-thumb to guide her along the process. Examples of Cultural PEARLs include: an evening at the theatre or the ballet, antiquing, attending a yoga workshop or sporting event, visiting an embassy here in DC, or or traveling to a corner of the world that is new to you.


The Connections “C” aims to help alumnae maintain their bonds of sisterhood with DPhiE while sharing in the gift of sisterhood with others. As sisterhood is for a lifetime, lifetimes are dynamic in that we encounter a great variety of people along our path who we can share the precepts of Justice, Sisterhood, and Love with in our own, personal ways. Examples of Connections PEARLs include: inviting a friend or colleague to join the sisterhood as an alumna initiate, attending a chapter sponsored Founders’ Day celebration, participating in joint events with local undergraduate chapters, and meeting new local alumnae at one of our brunches, happy hours or other events.


The Career “C” affords an alumna the opportunity to follow her own professional development path. Whether she is a recent college graduate, relocating for work, in a career transition, an at-home caretaker, or in the C-suite, the career PEARL experiences allows a sister to focus on her professional development in a thoughtful, intentional manner.  As a diverse group of women in a high-power, competitive city, the DC Alumnae Association is an invaluable resource for all career levels and fields, with existing members already benefiting from each others’ professional experiences and connections. Examples of Career PEARLs include: mentoring a collegian or recent graduate who is interested in your industry of expertise, hosting or attending a networking event, researching how to start your own business, serving on a panel of industry experts, attending a career seminar or being published in an industry journal or blog.