Have an event you’d like to see? Suggestions for where to host our next brunch?  Email us or leave a comment below! Even better, fill out this brief survey! The more we know about you, your availability and what you’re interested in the better our events will be!

We host a monthly brunch on the second weekend of the month, and a monthly happy hour during the fourth week of the month. As part of your membership benefits, you get your first drink free at one happy hour, as well as $25 off of one brunch each year! Plus, these are great opportunities for networking, meeting new friends, and exploring new areas of the DC Metro Area. We also host other events throughout the year, from sporting events to cultural events, and philanthropy events to professional development events, so keep checking our calendar and get involved!

Check out our Facebook page as well for our upcoming events, and make sure to RSVP!


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